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My Rockstar Girls - Party Band


Have you always dreamt of having your own concert? Live the experience with the My Rockstar Girls, preparing everything needed before the show starts! Share the beautiful dressing room, makeup and backstage with them ... the show must go on!Demonstrate your talent on stage. Want to know what it feels like to be a rockstar? With the help of these girls become a member of this awesome band and live the real rock star dream!
Customize cool t-shits for the concert with Taylor using decorative materials from the shop. Work for Michelle’s exclusive catering and refuel the girls’ energy with delicious cupcakes, hamburgers, fries and more! Rachel will help you choose their cool new styles, changing their makeup and choosing from a selection of thousands of beautiful accessories for dazzling the audience!
The show is soon to be here! Do you have butterflies? Help Lilly clear and decorate the stage and organize the incredible lighting effects, ready for an unforgettable night!
Give Ashley your expert fashion advice and create the trendiest combinations for your friends to shine on stage like real super stars!
Ask for the girls’ autographs, they will be delighted to give them!
The fans are waiting! There are only a few minutes left! Hurry! Help Tiffany before the show starts, join the band practice and have a go at karaoke, this is your time to prove your true talent so that you can be a rock star too! Let's rock!
The dream of every Super Star is to make platinum records, reach thousands of fans around the world, and receive many awards. So now is your chance to prove your worth and claim your can do it! With My Rockstar Girls, become a rock star, watch your dreams light up and come true with the help of these six fashionable girlfriends!